McLaren Car Work Focused on 2019 – Fernando Alonso.


Fernando Alonso has come out to say all McLaren are focused on is “70%” work on the car for 2019 and it has only brought one proper upgrade so far in 2018.

He said this during the British Grand Prix weekend where he said the MCL33 has less downforce than its 2017 F1 car, and the team has been using recent Friday practice sessions to try experimental parts and trace the problem.

“We are working very hard and very deep into the weakness of the car,” Alonso said.


“After investing three or four Fridays, FP1s, just doing aero development and aero understanding, we know that maybe we compromise a little bit the race weekend and the performance in qualifying, but we get a lot of information on those Fridays and I think now we are in a point of we know exactly what to do.

“There are some fixes for this year, but let’s say that 70% of the knowledge and the understanding of this car will be for next year’s project, because it requires time three or four months development and wind tunnel time etc. that is probably better to invest for next year.

“Sometimes it’s good to go very deep into the problems and down in performance to understand the car, so I see a much clearer and brighter future now with all the problems and understanding [gained].

“I think we have a clear direction now, so that’s the most important think.