M.I’s new record “You rappers should fix up your lives” is a wake up call for Nigerian rappers


Superstar rapper, M.I dropped a new rap attack on Nigerian rappers two days ago and he titled this one “You rappers should fix up your life”.

It’s quite self explanatory. In that rap music, M.I talked about how the younger folks in the rap game right now are underperforming and are still looking up to him as their king and how South African rappers are way ahead of them. It is debatable though but there lies the truth!  M.I has been Nigeria’s king of rap since after he dethroned Mode 9 over a decade ago. Up until now nothing has changed in the genre. A few names though have come up but couldn’t hold water.

Most of them have abandoned the rap genre for a more profitable Afro pop.


As much as that record sounds like a diss track, there are some lessons to be learned and they’re quite timely.

Nigerian rap music is at its weakest point right now, therefore this is a wake up call for everyone involved in it.

The lyrics of Nigerian music as a whole has been said to lack message and inspiration. This may be a good time to fix it up.

Yes M.I said it and that’s the truth. You rappers should fix up your lives.