If there is one thing that has come to stay in fashion it is the little black dress. The little black dress popularly known as LBD is a wardrobe essential for women and would never go out of style. Take a little black dress from a woman’s wardrobe implies that you take her simplicity, versatility, class, style and so many more.

Wearing a little black dress more or less feels like killing more than one bird with one stone. With a little black dress you can transcend from an office look in the morning to a casual look after work and a date later in the evening without having to think of what to wear.
No woman can ever go wrong with a little black dress. When out of style ideas or outfits to wear, the little black dress is the next best thing. The little black dress is like an escape, your safe to go outfit. It’s like those shoulders one can lean on and over the years no outfit has ever taken the place of the LBD.
The benefits of having a little black dress are enormous but I would mention a few.
VERSATILITY: For me, versatility remains top of the list of the benefits of owning a little black dress or owning any outfit at all. Versatility helps us to make use of the not so many outfits we have maximally, in this way we are able to spend less on clothes. The little black dress in one word is versatile. It gives room for experimentation. If you are tired with the boring black dress you wore in the morning, you can switch things up by adding a big waisted belt, some dangling necklaces or throw in a jacket or tie a scarf . The list is endless, there is so much you can do with the little black dress.
BUDGET FRIENDLY: No matter how wealthy we think we are, there are some times we need not break a bank just too look good. Fashion and style is not about wearing expensive clothes, fashion and style is about wearing timeless pieces in an effortless manner even when we do not spend much. With the little black dress, your future is secured. The reason I say this is because you need not bother about buying so many other outfits . With the little black dress you can still look pretty in diverse ways. The little black dress can serve you so many years. With black, every other coloured outfit in your wardrobe can go. All of these helps us to be minimalistic in our spending and enjoy value for what we buy.

DEXTERITY: The beauty of the little black dress lies in its dexterity. The little black dress comes in very handy and is still very useful to us. When in doubt, wear the little black dress. As women often a time, we experience some wardrobe malfunction. However, this is hardly the case when wearing the little black dress. From accessorising to switching looks to styling in different ways all in one dress, the Little black dress helps you play safe.
TIMELESS: Just as the little black dress never goes out of style, it never goes out of time. The little black dress is classic. For women who do not like a little experimentation here and there, for women who prefer to stay true to one trend, the Little black dress is a perfect fit for them. The little black dress is ageless, with the little black dress a woman is rest assured that she never goes out of style and trend.
FOR ALL SIZE AND SHAPE:It’s no doubt that girls with slimmer figures tend to carry off outfits in style much more when compared to far girls. The little black dress is actually no respected of persons as it helps complement larger curves of fat women. The little black dress helps us to hide in those flabs and creates a more slimmer figure.
The Little black dress is a must have for every woman. Not one outfit has all of these benefits in it. The little black dress gives us much more value for our money. It’s one outfit we should all indulge ourselves in.

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