Linda ikeji’s love for denim knows no bounds and she wastes no time in showing us


In the world of information or more specifically in the world of blogging, the name ‘Linda Ikeji’ rings a bell. She is in fact a pioneer in the blogging industry and has made a name for herself both home and abroad.

Linda Ikeji ventured into blogging some years back when no one hardly knew anything about the field. Ever since then there has been no going back on this journey for her. This field of blogging has since been making so much money for her and there’s no day that Linda Ikeji doesn’t smile to the bank.

Asides blogging, there’s one thing that this notable blogger loves- which is wearing denim. Linda Ikeji is an avid lover of this trend and wastes no time in telling us so


Many a time, Linda can be caught wearing Denim jeans all the time particularly the boot cut type. Her style revolves around this trend and there is no denying that is head over heels in this trend.

Take a look at these pictures and see for yourself