“Leave politics the ‘self entitlement mentality’ and face your craft- Reflex Soundz to Imo entertainers


Imo bred music producer, Reflex Soundz, is speaking up about mixing entertainment with politics, and he is of the opinion that entertainers should focus on their crafts and leave politics alone.

Lately, there have been mixed reactions among Imo entertainers about who should emerge as the Special Adviser on Entertainment to the incoming governor Emeka Ihedioha. Some are of the opinion that veteran Highlife singer and author, Ugo Stevenson aka Ndaa Chineke, should have the position, but rumor has it that the incoming governor favors Kanayo O. Kanayo for the position.

This definitely did not sit well on the minds of most Imo entaertainers as they feel a home based entertainer like Ugo Stevenson will understand them more and be there for them.

Reacting Reflex Soundz who grew his musical prowess in Owerri urged them to leave politics and focus on their craft. Read his statement below.

“I love the city of Owerri… University studies brought me there and I just had this connection with the city, I really can’t tell what it is but I just did… By the way I am from Delta State ( I know a lot of y’all don’t know my Real name “Efemena”….just call me “Efe” and if the igbo in you cannot pronounce it properly…please call me Reflex 😄😄😄 )

I always told myself I was gonna organise a series of master class and seminars one day, but I would need to earn that respect before I ever do so, by working hard and smart, that’s the only way it can work 😏 (you must earn enough accolades before you teach people how to earn accolades… simple logic)

I believe the city is untapped, so much to offer, but something just helps drawing it back. From the entertainment perspective I can’t even deal.. so many gifted artist and musicians, infact I meet some that don’t even know the gift they possess.

I remember I had a conversation with a friend of mine sometime around 2009 and I asked him..” how can you tell me that a city with how many schools filled with young minds, so many hotels, bars, lounges, clubs.. ….like yoooo…..these people love to party and live life !!!! Egwu Ngwori people ( as people fundly called it)…. Why can’t an artist sell records here and at least gain some momentum in his/her career in this city?

So In 2009 i compiled my first mixtape titled “Promo Jamo” (a 21 track compilation..just before I went for my NYSC .. it featured
About 10 artist form my school (FUTO), about 10 artist from Imsu and about two artist from (FEDPOLY NEKEDE) production form other producers too, Orbeat..Leriq…Sarge..
God bless all the artist on the album. After much work and all, we were able to sell 2000 copies of that CD. I remember I was trying get better at mixing and mastering. So I called my Oga and at the top and dear friend Okechukwu Omeire a.k.a. Sargemix who gave me pointers and helped with the mix of the album .. shout it to BigChance Tha UkwuBenda and Cypha Tyte (we cause problem that year Sha..😄. Cuz we later went on to become partners and set up PMJM entertainment…we kept making music until we parted ways to chase different hustles.

I ended up doing my NYSC at HOT FM as a producer and voice over artist and then I had this streak of hope because the City really did need a private Radio station to turn things up…fast foward to today Owerri has quite a number of Radio stations.

In 2015 I dropped my first Album “The Alternative” a 22 track Album featuring over 20 artist, slso shot two videos for that album. I was able to to find someone who believed In my work (2k entertainment Live) Shout out to Emmanuel Kalu I don’t even know how to thank you enough.💪💪🙏
So yes..I was able to grow in Owerrri. It’s not impossible. The city needs a lot of support regarding entertainment but that it still depends on the work input of the entertainers to attract such support.

The reason I am writing this down is because I want to encourage every artist to focus on his/her craft. We can’t act like we do not know what politics is about….its a dirty game. please leave politics and leave the “self entitlement mentality” , just face ur craft, be consistent, keep working, keep fighting against the odds. You will succeed.

I am not where I want to be, but trust me I have moved far off from where I started and I have gained so much experience, network, connects and useful skills along the way. The entertainment industry has evolved, read about it and develop yourself. If you want to be a politician..no wahala, but if you want to make music, face it and don’t let politics distract you. If we all focus on our craft we would become a formidable body … Even the politicians go begin famz..

The world is gradually catching up with afrobeats.. OUR SOUND.. Lately I’ve been working with more underground international artist than I have with Nigerian artist.. and y’all fighting over political appointments!!! You are missing the big picture.

I would use this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in anyway. Names too plenty but if you’re reading this ,you know who you are…..God Bless You.

Be blessed, motivated and Inspired.”