Learning to Talk


    It’s often said that “talk is cheap.” Little wonder why it’s regularly abused. Talking is one thing we find hard to avoid, it is a necessity for daily communication and expression.
    Words are dynamic; they could save a man and also kill a man. Either way the are nonetheless uttered without reservations.
    What if we applied some caution when talking? Some respect and kindness to the words we say, many negative would be avoided and unity won.
    The act of talking need to be learnt. Many a person I have met lack this attribute. They talk before the think, only to end up in regret at what they have said owing to the damages surfaced.
    We must first understand the essence of talking, why we need to talk, what to say and to whom we are addressing our word. The physical condition and emotional state of the receiver. This would guide our utterance and make it effective.
    You may bear witness to having crossed road with people who would always piss you off at the slightest word they allow escape their mouth. You wonder if the could ever say something good and healthy.
    The deficiency in quality talk is also the bane in many marital, family and relational problems. Making it apropos for everyone to get acquainted with this skill.
    Where husband and wife, children and parent, fiancé and fiancée could sit tight and politely express themselves, their challenge, pain, hurt, anxiety, fear and doubt knowing fully well that someone is listening and would reciprocate by uttering words soothing enough not to cause disintegration and hate.
    Communities, religious bodies must also learn to talk and not fly hate speeches that could relegate the self worth of any person and close the chance of healthy listening and dialogue.
    We must also learn to keep mum and maintain quiet when we have nothing good to say to or about a person, instead of defaming, slandering and maligning others to prove ourselves a more better person.