Learning how to eat healthy



Choosing the right food is half the battle when learning to eat healthily.
These healthy carbohydrate, protein, and fat rich foods will help you to achieve your weight loss, muscle building, and healthy eating goals.
here are few great suggestions on what to eat instead.

Protein Rich Foods
1. Eggs
2. Chicken breast
3. Salmon (wild Alaskan)
4. Turkey breast
5. Nuts (walnut, almonds, pecans)


Vegetables Lower in Carbs but high in Nutrients.
1. Tomatoes
2. Peppers (green and red)
3. Onions
4. Mushrooms
5. Cucumbers
6. Zucchini
7. Carrots
8. Green beans

Carbohydrate Rich Foods

1 Yams (almost same as 2. sweet potatoes)
2. Brown rice (love basmati, a long grain rice)
3. Sweet potatoes
triticale , and a few others)
4. White potatoes with skin (glycemic index be damned!)
5. 100% whole wheat bread
6. 100% whole wheat pasta
7. Beans and lentils (great for healthy chili recipes)
8. Cream of rice hot cereal
9. Quinoa
10. Couscous
11. Pumpkin
12. Fresh Beets