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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Lady who recorded viral school fees video of Success, wants a share...

Lady who recorded viral school fees video of Success, wants a share of the money


A lady who recorded a video of a 7-year-old girl, Success Adegor, who was sent away from school for failing to pay her school fees, has requested for a share of the donations the little one received.

Little Adegor gained attention because of her eloquence in expressing how bad she felt after being removed from school. The lady identified as Stephanie shared in an interview that the girl’s family should show appreciation to her for helping to make a viral clip that has benefited them.

“I was not really talking about sharing percentage with them,” Stephanie began while making her point in an interview with Punch.

“I just want them to just show little appreciation. If you have actually made N5 million, at least 1 million should not be enough for someone that made this whole thing happen. For someone that made this whole story go viral, N1 million is not enough according to people.

“Since this video has been going viral, at least they suppose to show sign of appreciation. I know they are my neighbour but when it comes to money, people change,” says Stephanie.

Ever since her video reached social media audience, there have been a lot of sympathies directed to her including from Nigerian celebrities.

Such as a comedian AY Makun, who sought to raise money for her to be able to go to school.


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