LADIES: These foods make Menstrual Pain Worse For You



We hate menstrual pain but love tasty meals. Menstrual pain can be like labor pain, While in pain it feels like the world is about to come down on you, but once it’s over you forget how it felt. Which is why most of us go back to our regular lives and habits that caused the pain in the first place. Like the foods we eat.





Eating the right foods can help decrease bloating, improve your mood, and even give you more energy, but eating the wrong types of food can actually exacerbate these problems. To help you better cope through the nasty perils of your period.




you should try to avoid these six foods if possible, as they can leave you lethargic, bloated, and overall miserable.




1. Salty Foods
Days before your period, your body starts storing up sodium and water which increases cramps and also makes you look like a puffy teddy bear. Eating salt only increases the water and sodium content of your body and worsens the issue.





2. Red Meat
Yes, your body needs iron when you’re on your period, but red meats are packed full of acids which only worsens your menstrual pain the more. So try boiled plantain or plantain porridge instead.




3. Coffee
The first thing you need to avoid when you’re having cramps is coffee. If possible, avoid coffee up to 3 days before your next period. Caffeine makes your blood vessels tighten which increases the pain you feel during your period.




4. Sugar
Your blood sugar level fluctuates during your period which means a lot of discomfort and cramps. Adding more sugar to the mix just makes it rise higher and drop lower faster which increases the pain your feel by more than 50%. Even fresh juice should be avoided.




5. Processed Foods
Trans fats, also known as hydrogenated oils, are found in junk foods such as french fries, packaged foods and desserts, and they can worsen your period symptoms. These detrimental fats cause inflammation in the body, and can worsen pains you already experience while menstruating.




6. White Grains
Refined grains like white rice and white flour have a similar effect to sugar, as they can cause a drastic spike and drop in blood sugar because their nutrients have been removed.