Ladies Beware: Facebook user exposes man who sleeps with ladies by promising them marriage.


This guy right here is Chike Asiedu, he met my friend late last year she came to their office an an official meeting. After she had finished her meeting with his colleague and had left the office, his colleague called my friend and said Chike would like to know my friend and that he was a good person.

So my friend who was single at that time thought it was kk and he asked this guy to give out her number. Almost immediately he sent a txt and introduced himself as one straight forward guy, sincere and God fearing. He and my friend got talking on the fone, as a babe normal na u would really want to know the person u are dealing with in as much as she was told he was a good person. Fast forward to one month later she visited him that’s same day she arrived chike asked my friend when she was going to marry him and she responded that they had just met for the first time they would have to date before she can decide if she wants that.

Months into the rlshp, she started to notice his jealousy, my friend works with an oil firm and her job allows her to interact to people dud to the nature of her job but this fool would always complain that my friend has a lot of male friends she knows people too much , he constantly complained about hw she talks to guys . My friend kept thinking it was just jealousy and with time he would understand that it’s all work stuff too plus u know plenty of rlshp advisers too kept telling her to be patient that the guy would change. This guy would never take her out because he claimed he didn’t like to go out, he always wants to stay at home even when they go out he doesn’t like to hang out.

She doesn’t even know his friends cos he said he doesn’t have friends apart from his work colleagues. He claims he lives a simple life and doesn’t like to be out . He would always lock my friend in his house whenever she visits because he doesn’t want her to go and hangout with guys and also maybe my friend would go out and guys would see her.

Nothing wey person no hear sha. So this attitude kept causing them to quarrel and make up like almost everytime it got to the extent my friend was like ok let her try and see if she can really tolerate him. So one Saturday after they had finished having a make up sex which was unprotected, my friend told him she wanted to go to Gem stone supermarket for those of you who like in a warri it’s a popular supermarket with pharmacy in it.

So he kept insisting why she wants to go there my friend said she was not feeling well it was just a lie she told him cos she wanted to go and buy contraceptives and she didn’t want to tell him about it. Finally she told him she wanted to get contraceptives because they had just had unprotected sex and the nigga nutted.

So uncle asked my friend why would u take contraceptives, don’t people from your place get married if they are pregnant? She reponded and sai dthwt they did and even her mother was pregnant with her when she married her father. So my friend relaxed and ended up not taking anything. The next month came along period never show, my friend checked and decide to go for a preg test, lo and behold she was pregnant.

With joy and excitement in her heart that it has finally happened shey chike wanted her not to take contraceptives. She sent the test result to him and said she was pregnant . He didn’t even respond to the watsapp chat. In the evening he called and started telling my friend that she was just rushing him , that she is deperate, that what would his sisters say when they hear a lady wh he just knew barely 3 months plus was already pregnant .

So he knew they had not known for long and u slept with her. All this lame talk is coming out from the mouth of a man who claims to be 37 years old. My friend told him she wanted to come to a warri cos that’s where he stays so that they can go and have another test so that he can confirm but he told my friend to come in 3 weeks time that his doctor said so .

My friend was like 3 weeks? I am already a month gone counting from my last menses and if she has to wait for another 3 weeks it would become 2 months and you are not saying anything. Lastly he said she should come in 2 weeks time. Mind you he is still not sounding responsible for the pregnancy and I know my friend well that dusting the time she was seeing this guy she didn’t have any other man around.

My friend called me and some of other friends and out of confusion because he wasn’t responding well she consulted the services of a pharmacist friend she she had an abortion. The pregnancy was just one month gone. After he saw she had had an abortion he came back and wanted to get back into my friends life and she shut him out and never wanted to have anything to do with him. I will also post watsapp message of them where this old fool threatened to arrest my friend because she curse and insulted the living day light out of him.