Jude Bonnison: The gas cylinder you live with in the kitchen is a time bomb ready to explode anytime!!!


My name is Jude Bonnison (Pondis),I am doing this sensitization because of a dear friend I lost due to gas explosion. Truly, I am bittered and heart broken right now… Please pay attention and read if you care!!!

Do you know the GAS CYLINDER has an expiry date? If not check today!!! Like the vehicle tyre that has an expiring date, do you equally know that the Gas Cylinder has an expiring date? Expired LPG cylinder are not safe for use, so please be careful.

The expiry date is coded on the side of the LPG cylinder in alphabetical order, A,B,C,D to represent quarters of the year. A – is for March 1st Quarter B – is for June. 2nd Quarter C – is for September 3rd Quarter D – is for December 4th Quarter. – There are some two digit number that follows… e.g. DO6. The digit stands for the year the validity expires DO6 stands for 4th Quarter (December 2016). That is the expiring date of that LPG cylinder.


So be careful to avoid domestic accident. Share this message to save life. #RestInPeaceTEHILLA #ScienceFailedUs #OnlyGodCanSaveUs #Pondis