Isaiah Thomas sustains hip injury as mum pours out her grievances.


Thomas’s team, Cavaliers were reluctant to discuss Isaiah Thomas’ health during a news conference Thursday but his mum have been vocal since the announcement of her son’s injury.

But she also hopes he recovers in time to contend with his teammates in a bid to better the chances of Cavaliers as the days go by.

His manager, Koby Altman have also lended his voice on this development and also sent messages to wish him speedy recovery as the days go by.

“To be fair to Isaiah, we’re not going to address any specifics on his hip injury,” general manager Koby Altman said. “We’re also not going to put a timetable on it.”

Altman added: “We’re not going to rush it, at all.”

Altman intercepted a question directed to Thomas about his health and tried to steer the proceedings away from the subject, declaring, “This is not going to turn into the Isaiah Thomas hip press conference.