Is worrying about making a living stopping you?



What often stops people from doing what they truly desire is they don’t think they can make a living by doing what they love to do.

What I love to do is read books and hangout with people you may say. Well Oprah Winfrey makes a living hanging out talking with people, and my friend who is a tour guide, makes a living hanging out talking with people in most of the exciting and exotic locations in the world.





You might love making people laugh, designing jewelry, painting. You might love making deals and buildings. I love read books and sharing what I have learnt with others in a book, speeches, workshops. It’s possible making a living doing what you love.




Think of all the things you love doing, write them down and think of possible means you can make a living from doing them. If you love sports you can be a sport writer, a photographer or even work in sport management as an agent or in front office of a professional team.




What about music? If I love music you can be a Music Therapist, Music Composer, Instrumentalist, music teacher, Music Journalist, Record Producer, Music Librarian. You can also work in a music industry as an A&R Representative.



For now just decide what you will love to do, look for someone who have gone through that part and ask for guidance.