Is there anything wrong in marrying a lady older than me?


This question has over the years ended up being rhetoric cause no answers has been provided to counter why is it wrong as a man to spend the rest of your life with an older lady.

Many men would fancy their chances of settling down with an older lady due to past experiences with the younger ones that ended up not being favorable.

There are no importance in age between the man and woman cause both have similar life experiences and similar capabiities and
expectations hence age is just a number at this

Some of the issues guys have in a relationship is their egocentric nature which prompts them in wanting a younger lady, someone they can control at will.

A man doesn’t need to show he is a leader, be a leader in a relationship as much as a partner, and frankly, it’s NICE to not have
to be the one to make all the major decisions by myself and take all the blame.

In a nutshell, age is nothing but a number and a mature man can handle any lady irrespective of the age difference.