Is there anything like Weather for two?


Is there anything like Weather for two?

Anytime there is a heavy downpour or change in weather from warm to cold, there is always a particular phrase on the lips of every young chap “weather for two”.

Lovers use the opportunity to be together in a secluded area and go romantic in a bid to benefit from the cold and calm irresistible weather.

But the truth is, though the weather might be tempting but other things can be done during such kind of atmospheric change.

According to researchers, anytime the weather is cold, that is the best time to relax and stretch your muscles so to repair worn out tissues.

During this weather, the brain is well relaxed, so thoughts and plans can be maped out during these periods, and ideas can also flow easily.

Instead of thinking about cuddling a loved one always during any rainy season, legitimate money making ideas can be gotten also during these periods.

Let’s always use our time for productivity to help our surroundings.