Is it decent to date my best friend’s Ex?


This question has been asked several times on this platform but this particular one has a different twist to the story so we decided to treat it here

my friend’s ex boyfriend is asking me out a week after he broke up with my friend. I love him but if I say yes I may hurt my friend and if I say no I will hurt the guy, what should I do

Our response was

Tell him that you love him too, but you want to wait a little longer (at least several months) before going out with him, because you don’t want to hurt your friend.

If you go out with him right away, your friend might assume the worst that you and her ex have been cheating behind her back.

Wait a little longer if she starts to heal, and you get the chance to confess to your friend that you may be falling in love with her ex, you could possibly save the friendship. If he loves you, he will wait.