I never said I’m the remedy to Imo music industry – Obeena clears the air


On Wednesday last week, Imo music producer and musician, Obeena visited the Navicorp Nigeria Office where he talked about his remedy campaign, how the players in the Imo music industry can make superstars from Owerri, collaborations with Enugu artists and what his remedy campaign is really all about.

When Obeena first released “Remedy” back in November 2018, a lot of people criticized him saying he can’t come from nowhere and claim to be king of Hiphop in Imo. Fellow artists, music critics and fans joined in, in the conversation. But Obeena says he never referred to himself as the remedy to music in Imo state, instead he referred to Imo entertainers as a whole.

“People got the message wrongly. They assumed I said I’m the remedy to Imo music but I never meant that in my song. The song was about any Imo entertainer(s) who believes they can move the industry forward. I want to see a time where everyone can join hands together to move our industry forward.”

“Since I dropped remedy, that is what I’ve been trying to do, he continued. And I’d like others to join me in that movement.”

Obeena and I (Tim Uwakwe)

When asked how he plans to create music stars from Imo state who will shake Nigeria, he said it would depend on our collective efforts. On Air Personalities (OAPs), DJs and Bloggers most especially. He said if these people are basically what make up the industry we are talking about, and if they could put hands together to project one artist at time, before long Imo would have created two or three superstars.

“I believe the OAPs, Bloggers and DJs have a lot of power. They are the industry we are seeing. If OAPs decide to play an artists songs on their radio stations back to back, DJs play that artist’s song in their shows, at clubs and bloggers talk about that artist frequently on their blogs, before you know it, people will begin to ask who is this guy or who is that guy.That is how artists blow. And before you know it, Lagos attention will be in Imo state. Enugu did it and I think we can do it too, Obeena tells me.

He also said another way to get attention from Lagos and Nigeria as a whole is to tag along with Enugu since they already have Lagos attention. He also talked about a new artist, Patwando, whom he is collaborating with and who he believes so much in.

“If we can fine tune our music to sound like the ones made in Enugu, or feature artists from Enugu like Zoro and others, we can broaden our fan base, and that can help us in counqering Nigeria, he says.

Obeena believes strongly in Imo music and says he’s working very hard to assemble people of like mind to actualize this dream of creating super stars musicians from Owerri.

We support him and truly hopes it works.