I Go Die’ Comedian mocks Gov. Fayose, says he deserves attack


The last few days has been a hell lot of tensions in Ekiti State, I Go Dye (commedian) feels Gov Fayose deserves being attacked.

The comedian made this known on his Instagram page on Thursday, July 12, 2018, after Gov Fayose of Ekiti state alleged that he was beaten and tear-gassed by police officers in the state.

Comedian says:

“When pensioners protested this is what they got when we protest for fuel pump hike this is what we get when we protest against bad leadership this is what we get when we protest on power failure or increase of minimum wage this is what we get. This experience to you and it will serve as a lesson to others, that they should join Nigerians when they face hardship and speak against it, because of corruption and the ills of the political class.

He also added that;

“Please get up, this is just a small thing compared to the injustice and pains that corruption have caused in this country. Oga governor, you are still among those governor’s that shortchanged some of our youth’s destiny, even the president is not exempted from any of such consequences. until all of us use our respective positions to promote what is right, every citizen of this country can face this kind of situation,” 

He went on to appeal to the citizens of Ekiti state to be lawful and abiding as they go out to vote this weekend in the governorship elections.

I go die” concluded that: “However, I condemn this action because it violates the fundamental human right to liberty and I also use this medium to admonish the people of Ekiti State to remain peaceful as they chose who leads them on Saturday. what happens to the boys on the street, can happen to anyone. speak up, because our present status doesn’t stop us from questioning our environment. Amb Francis #Ukaid Madact ambassador making a difference Against Corruption Today,”