Saying NO is rather a daunting exercise to embark upon especially if it involves a loved one, most time we prefer to go hurt and regretful at the mercy of pleasing and been held a nice person by other people. The fear similar yard stick been meted on us when we are in need holds us sway and abated, therefore seem sluggish to utter that word NO. But do we have to go the length of displeasing ourselves- staying in a tight corner just to gaze at the half hearty smile of some other persons? I think we might differ in answer but an unwavering NO would be a good response to that. Saying NO shouldn’t be that hard, learning how to say NO is and more important than saying NO itself. Learning it is essential in order not to be misconstrued as betraying when you kiss a loved one with that magic word, or break up your relationship opting for this key word, still looking respectful when you say NO to your parent, and not feel guilty when you say NO to yourself. It all boils down to why, how and when to say NO. Learning how to say NO saves you the time of squabbling over explanations, while you keep intact your respect and integrity undented. Its quite unfortunate as I won’t be teaching on how to say NO; it has no fix rules, instead depends more on experience from failures and disappointments from previous trails. Keep your head down and learn while it last, it promises to be interesting and a worthwhile event when done in the right motive.