How to Overcome Exam Stress


Everyone who has passed through school knows for a fact that exam is very important in order to progress from one stage to the other but a lot fail exams not cause they don’t read but cause of something else.

What is this something else? Well it could be cause of mental stress.

Navicorp decides to visit schools to ask few questions these what they said,

I’m kinda sad right now next week I’m gonna take admission exam if I don’t get it I’m gonna suicide because I cannot support listening to my parents talking about me like I’m not useful in life. What should I do.

This was what Navicorp team had to say.

Right now, the exam results and your parents may seem like the world to you, but you will not always be with your parents, life goes on after exams, and you are so much more than just test scores!

Don’t let your parents negativity bring you down and surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are.

As a student, you’ve just started out in life.

It’s way too early to decide that you’re not useful in life, and certainly way too early to give up on it.