How to cut onions without crying



Onions have a variety of uses and health benefits, while being the most consistent ingredients in Nigerian meals. Despite this, people avoid cutting onions because of its tendency to invoke tears.




But with these hacks anyone can chop onions without dropping a tear.

1. Freeze the onion
If you intend on using your onions for cooking, this hack is perfect for you. Keep the onions in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to reduce the amount of the acid enzyme released into the air and the intensity of irritation. However, the onion will be difficult to cut but does not affect taste. This method should not be used for salads or fresh food, as the onion will lose its crunch.




2. Protect your eyes with goggles
You could just go with good-old goggles that fit your face tightly (like swimming goggles), which stop the onion vapours from getting anywhere near your eyes.




3. Cut the onion under water
Chopping your onion under a clear bowl of water or tap of running water is a very effective way of avoiding tears. You could also try soaking the onions in water for a while before cutting. The water redirects the fumes from your eyes. However, the water makes things difficult so this method requires a lot of concentration and precision.




4. Put a slice of bread in your mouth
A slice of bread in your mouth while chopping onions will stop the sulphur gas from reaching your eyes as it is dissipated through the bread and into your mouth.