Speak Out : Dont be ashamed to speak when Raped.


Today in Nigeria, rape cases have grown to level where the Government has to intervene so it can be reduced or stopped.

A man who wants to be Anonymous told a true life story of how his wife was raped by someone she trusts.

” My wife was raped by her colleague and she decided not to tell me or report to the police, then I find out after 2 months so must I forgive her?

Navicorp decided to swing into action to educate cases like this.

The First thing is this, it’s not your wife’s fault that she was raped. If you are angry at her for not telling you or going to the police immediately, consider that rape is an extremely traumatic event, and different people deal with trauma in different ways.

Post-rape trauma is real, and she needs your support not anger.

Going to the police involves recounting and narrating a traumatic event to strangers, answering many highly personal questions, showing evidence, and it takes a great deal of courage.

She may not have told you because she was afraid of your reaction, because she wanted to shield you, or because she was in denial and wanted to forget.