How to control Android overheating problems:



I use to have overheating issues with my smart phone, and that gave me a big concern that made me look into ways to control such overheating. Which I will like to share with others finding themselves in such situations.


Android phone overheat for many reasons depending on the brand of smart phone, but there are general reasons that could lead to over heating of the phone which we are going to find out soon.




Reasons for smart phone over heating:

1. Charging Phone Properly
You should make sure to use the original charger and ensure you don’t charge your gadget for a really long time in the daytime head. Simply charge to 70 or 80% during the day and full charge the gadget during the night.




2. Keep it on a hard surface while charging
While charging your smartphone, keep it on a hard surface instead of on a bed or a sofa which absorb heat. As during charging, the heat emitted gets trapped inside and warms up the smartphone even more.



3. Multi-Tasking
The applications and things you carried out on your phone are the same things as in your life. They can pile up with time and again overwhelmed. If your Android is getting hot in consistent basis then there are high possibilities your telephone have an application that it can’t handle.



4. Water Damage
Mistakingly our phone can get in contact with water. Overheating and power issues happen mostly with water involvement.
Find the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your telephone to ensure that your telephone isn’t encountering any issue related to liquid damage or moisture.




5. Avoid direct sunlight
Users can also prevent handsets, especially ones featuring plastic back panel, from heating up by not keeping them under direct sunlight. The heat coming from the sunlight along with all the processing power running in the background are bound to heat-up your smartphone.



6. Clean your phone Junk files
You should need to clean all the junk documents, caches and cookies, these garbage files may hurt your CPU and Ram which prompts overheating.



7. Heavy gaming
Your Android play store gives you the varieties of entertaining games and applications are developed and discovered each day. Some of the applications and games consume more processing power than others depending upon the complexity of the application and when you combine these two, at that point they begin heating up.



8. Heavy streaming
Watching movies and videos is another fact that may make your phone overheats. Usually we spend most of our time watching films in our Android gadget while traveling. This requires more work from your telephone processor which expends the power as well as overheats.