Hey guys, here are 3 ways to get yourself out from the friend zone


Almost always, ladies friend-zone their male friends who actually have real and genuine feelings for them, but who may have delayed in making their intentions known. Because of this, a lot of guys have had to bottle up their feelings and suffer in silence while listening to and seeing these ladies tangle up with some other guys who were more expressive.

As painful as this is, these guys have sought ways to come out of this zone but find it difficult.

Well here are 3 ways to get yourself out from the friend zone.


1. Take a back seat and re-strategize

While it is important to convince her that you are actually serious, it is always best to let her be. Give her some space, and think of new ways to get her to begin to take you seriously again, and actually see you as a potential boyfriend.

2. Approach again and mean it

Now that you have re-strategized, approach again, but this time really mean it.

Ladies are drawn to men who know what they want. And if she senses that you really want her, chances are she’ll give it a try.

3. Show it

Now show it. Prove to her that you are the man of her dreams. Action speaks louder than voice, they say, so this is time to prove to her that you are real and really want her.

If this doesn’t work, maybe she didn’t actually friend-zone you. Maybe she just wants to be friends.