Here’s what the internet is saying about Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s steamy photos


After an overwhelming start of their On The Run Tour II last week, Beyoncé and JAY-Z steamed up our timelines with racy photos of them lounging in bed.

The photos which were released by @theshaderoom show the couple who have been married for 10years cosy under the covers. In the first photo, Jay is puffing on a cigar while Bey is comfortably reading the papers. In another revealing shot, they are cradling each other in semi-fetal position.

One of the wow factors from their Tuesday night show was the videos of the family played on the big screens; heartwarming scenes from the family’s time together were displayed.

Of course, the new photos have stirred a lot of comments.

Here is what some Instagram users had to say:

@ceecee233 “Sis why yall family so adorable. Love these photos. I hope there’s more to come”

@mrd008 “It is showing a beautiful married couple in bed together that love each other. I think it is fine.”

@dannifades “????‍♀️ they should have kept these between them ?

@bewareofwolvessevere “He don’t look comfortable doing this pic it looks forced they still?????????”

@ejsound_theruler “Tasteful photo tho I wish it wasn’t them idk but to me they too upper rim”

@mmcfarlane57 “Don’t let this distract you from the fact Beyonce still don’t have a new album out”