A day is often herculean for those who never prepare. They stumble on waking up to begin the day only to end up same way they started sometimes even go into regretting their actions and inactions.
    If they knew and had implemented this few principles I’m about to share the would have had a blissful and fun filled day.
    So lets go straight to the point
    1. You have to start your day with a prayer of thanksgiving, thanking God for the privilege to be alive and ask him for the strength to push through this beautiful and wonderful day he has made.
    2. Do some simple exercise to help build you up physical and keep you fit and relieved. You could run around your room or do some sit up or even skip the ropes or push ups.
    3. To have a good and easy day you must wake up with an expectation. The need to have a picture and idea on how you want your day to go.
    This gives you a clue on how to plan the day, what events and input is required what timing you intend to implore. So expectation is of essence if you must have a good day.
    4. Never run into a day haphazardly, you will only end up frustrated after living the routing of others. Plan your day. Get a to do list, engraving all the activity needed to meet your day’s expectation.
    Activity could be going to get grocery, then returning all business mail, completing the business plan. Attending the meeting, seminar or workshop early. Visiting your parent or sick friends.
    All this could be on your days goal, which should be clearly ordered according to priority and importance. Activity of close proximity could be settled together and so on.
    The daily plan would help you avoid time wasting and crashing. Keeps you focus and accountable and also provide a sense of responsibility.
    5. Start your day with confidence. Most often when the first two task on your list goes way it definitely would tend to affect your day, and that’s why I suggest you accomplish small task that would motivate you during the day. Start by making your bed, tidy the house, make yourself breakfast, look into the mirror and tell yourself you’re going to do great today. The psychological effect will be felt along the trend of activities.
    6. Do your best not to get angry or talk arrogantly to anybody for any reason. Learn to always hold your cool, pose a smile and if need be tell your discomfort politely. Moreover, try not to take key decision when angry, angry people are susceptible to making wrong and rash decisions.
    7. Show appreciation to people for help rendered, appreciation shows the intent of your heart towards others and opens doors for greater association. Many have closed doors to opportunity because they lack this singular act.
    8. Before you sleep, always review your day were you went wrong and the achievements you attained. Activities you couldn’t meet, if possible re-schedule them for tomorrow, in addition, have few minutes of introspection to check if your expectation was met.
    Also forgive all those who wronged you and thank God for grace to have lived today and see all this achievements you made.
    Pour yourself a drink and tell yourself well done, it’s not always easy yet you scaled through.
    Have a nice time with your family, and talk about life and anything that will foster a swell evening.
    Read a book, novel, journal or papers. It’s good to brighten your horizon daily.
    9. Say your night prayer and have a lovely night.