Gllyd, an internet company that makes use of green energy technology is here to provide efficient public transportation for riders in Nigeria


Have you ever had to deal with the stress and inconveniences associated with public transportation, especially here in Nigeria? If so you’re not alone. We’ve all had to experience it once or twice and sometimes even more. Some people have had to put up with it on a daily.

Public transportation in Nigeria is not just bad, it’s something that shouldn’t be experienced. Think about the rush and energy required to get into a decent cab or bus, then the fact that you have to almost always squeeze yourself so tightly in order to accommodate the next person.

Asides comfort, vehicles in Nigeria are powered by fossil fuels which causes pollution to our environment and in one way or another affects everyone of us.

Now the 21st century is here with numerous types of renewable energy to power transportation, which includes solar, electric and water, providing us with clean energy for our cars and ensuring zero emission and pollution.

Renewable energy provided by Gllyd

Gllyd, an internet company that makes use of green energy technology to provide public transportation for riders has made its way to Nigeria providing a far better option that would not just guarantee comfort, efficiency and speed but use eco-friendly vehicles that have zero effect on our environment.

Think of it as solution to transportation problems in Nigeria. Imagine not having to rush to enter vehicles, or not having to squeeze yourself while in the vehicle or perhaps added amenities like charging points, free Wi-Fi, a TV to entertain you and so much more.

Yes as unreal as it may sound Gllyd provides all that as well as artificial intelligence enhanced route optimization proprietary software to ensure reduction in traffic congestion.

Gllyd products

Gllyd has three products, namely, iGllyd, iCoach and iLuxe.

iGllyd is an eco-friendly and cost effective car sharing service, specifically designed for students and lecturers in universities and colleges of education. iCoach is an electric powered citywide bus with all tech amenities available as in other Gllyd EVs. iLuxe is a high-end electric luxury vehicle that gives you access to enjoying A.I. powered next generation comfort now.

Here’s an overview of Gllyd services
1. Reduced transportation cost
2. Round the clock transport
3. Regulated fare
4. Route optimization technology – which reduces traffic congestion
5. Maximum comfort (comfy seats)
6. In board amenities, for example charging port, WiFi, entertainment
7. Cashless
8. Secure
Gllyd put in place measures like in-car breathalyzers which ensures Gllyd drivers don’t drive under the influence.The Gllyd app also has a distress button that connects to the Gllyd HQ and local law enforcement panic button, in cab security
cameras, driver’s breathanalyzer test)
9. Class (luxirious rides that fit your style)
10. Unique features
Gllyd Talk gives you the opportunity to connect with friends, share moments, make video calls, transfer money to friends for trips
11. On time schedule
Gllyd coaches arrive and depart at the designated times. However, if as a result of unavoidable circumstances, you would get a notification of delay
12. Infinite energy source  (renewable, clean)
13. Electric/Eco friendly (reducing carbon foot print)
How Gllyd works
To enjoy the services provided by Gllyd you need to do the following:
1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the Gllyd app, install it, sign up and be on your way to enjoying your next ride.
Gllyd app
2. Pay for your trip automatically and rate your driver through the Gllyd X on the Gllyd.
There is a standard rate which cuts across all Gllyd services, however some may cost more than others.
If for any reason you want to cancel your trip, simply launch the Gllyd app, if the driver is en route to your destination, just tap cancel ride and cancel your trip. The sooner the better as you are less likely to pay a cancellation
3. There are reward points called Gllyd Miles available on the app.
Gllyd Miles are earned through your interactions with Gllyd such as retweeting Gllyd content, sharing our social media pages, solving riddles, winning games on the Gllyd app, frequent rides with Gllyd and through ref.
To redeem your Gllyd Miles, on the Gllyd app, click on Gllyd Xperience, then select Gllyd Interact, click, follow the directions to redeem your Gllyd Miles.
You can use your Gllyd Miles if they are commensurate to the cost of your trip, if not you have to pay the additional cost.
In cases of emergency, accident or to recover a lost item, you can contact Gllyd via or through the Gllyd Talk under Gllyd Xperience and an immediate response would be given.
Gllyd is safe, eco-friendly, affordable, cashless and easy to use. A comfortable trip with all inbuilt facilities to make your trip as memorable as ever.
Yes, Gllyd’s mandate is centered on environmental protection and on a larger scale, better health which is why EV’s are used as they reduce carbon footprint and CO2 gases to the atmosphere.