#FromOurReaders: What do I do? My husband still communicates with his ex


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    “Please pardon my long post.Annonymous please

    They say marriage is for better for worst but when all you keep seeing is worst what do you do? I married my husband in 2015,after dating 6months.I had met him before briefly but we lost contact and when we reconnected he was dating my younger sisters best friend.They broke up and along the line that was when we started dating.
    Everything was fine she left him penniless and heartbroken after cheating severally and he was the one paying her medical fees and taking care of her.I nutured him back to live and within 2 months his Bussiness boomed and he proposed because he was everything I wanted (we where in a distance relationship),my mom opposed because his ex mom and my mom are sort of close it triggered alot but I went ahead.We got married at a registry in the presence of my uncle and aunts and his parents and friends.But 4days before the wedding I found out he was still communicating with her and sent her money,I wanted to call of the wedding but his aunt begged me not to (my biggest mistake).I went ahead and married him.I got pregnant on the wedding night.fast forward to November I was about to send my pictures from his laptop to my phone on my birthday and I found them communicating again,I got mad and 5 days later I lost the pregnancy.Something in me died for him.I kept managing yes I started nagging and cursing.after the wedding I found out my husband had been in Prision before, I found about about his true Bussiness.He felt like a total stranger.I hated him more everyday and we became extremely broke I had to work hard enough for us to feed.Then one day he came on his knees and apologized to me that he was sorry for all,I cried and told him I dint want to end up dead like his mom after all she sacrificed and his dad still married another woman (everyone still talks good about her even after 8 years of been dead).As time went on we fought settled off and on,but we kept puahing.Fast word to 2 weeks ago we had a big fight and i said I wanted a divorce because he wasn’t Appreciating me enough and I was leaving to more on to better things,rather than stay with his cheat and continuous suffering.Do you know this man insulted my life.He called my family cursed and that I was the one bringing problems to his life.That my family has been the one sucking the blood of my babies for rituals,Called me names that he made me,because I have began to dig up my influencing friends and started to build my business connections (I am from a very wealthy home).I haven’t felt more terrible in my life.He said I insulted him and his family because I said I dint want to end dead like his mom did and his dad getting remarried.He never apologized.I was bent on leaving but my cousin told me to apologize to him and save my marriage.I decided to face shame rather than face the shame of my parents (my dad and i don’t talk because of his emotional/verbal abuse to me)story for another day.I apologized,he later did apologize but twas not a sincere one.Truely in my heart I wanted a sincere apology and then we move on but he’s been acting like this marriage is a Favour to me.I feel drained,I feel helpless.I now have ovarian mass,high blood pressure and fibromyalgia due to series of miscarriages and emotional stress.I am cashless but not hopeless my business is almost at the setup stage.I still love him and feel he can be better,only if he truly ask God for forgiveness and apologize to me,but he doesn’t feel he has done anything ever wrong.Please advice me.I am really heart broken.