Former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs expects Man.Utd to win the League this season.


The Welsh have come out to say he expects his former team to win the Premier league after scoring four unreplied goals in two games.

He stressed that his old side’s impressive start to the season suggests they will be difficult to stop after new players have adapted to the manager’s style so easily.

“When Jose Mourinho’s sides get going, they are very difficult to stop. He’s done it in the past and, while it’s important dealing with the expectations with the media making a lot of it, managing that is something he is great at,” Giggs wrote in his column.

With the inclusion of Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku in the squad, there have been revejunation in the stlye of the team and improvement with the old players as well.

Juan Mata, Antony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mkhitaryan have contributed to the goals this season not to forget Pogba who have scored in the two games played this season, and Giggs have said the team can’t always rely on Lukaku.