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Sometime in April, 2019, I received a mail from VIBBIDI, a free music streaming platform inviting me to join their writing program called “Narratives”. That was one of the best mails I’ve received so far this year. I have been collaborating with them since then giving my opinion on albums that interest me or mean something to me, or even affected me in a way I never expected.

VIBBIDI is a unique fusion of your favorite music streaming platforms and a social media platform. They have music for everyone ranging from big name artists to obscure artists, and a lot of music videos, albums, singles, remixes, user-made cover videos, lyrics and news. And all these can be found in every page, so you don’t really need to look so far to find what you’re looking for. Their new writing program called “Narratives” gives you the opportunity to express yourself in whatever manner you like about a piece of music, from talking about how it affects you personally, to how it reflects on the industry, giving you the freedom to criticize music in your own way, and whatever story you want to tell is totally acceptable. Here’s a link to some of the narratives I’ve written so far.

If writing isn’t your thing, they have specially-curated collections of music called “Themes” that are special collections of albums based around a mood, genre, time-period, and other styles that are guaranteed to pique your attention, in addition to promoting user created playlists so that everyone can discover spectacular new music they’ve never seen before!

In advance of the official platform launch this summer, VIBBIDI is running a special promotion where they’ll personally transfer any music, playlists or profile details you create from the mobile app to their new web platform, giving you a head-start on a thriving new community specially made for music lovers so you can have a say in shaping the future of music streaming. Your user profile is where your music personality lives, so why not express yourself in ways no other music service is offering today? Just let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in contact so you can be part of the latest music experience to hit the scene.

VIBBIDI is passionate about becoming your next favorite vice, proudly claiming “We Are Everything For Music”. If you want to be ahead of the curve, I’d love it if you gave them a try at

Thanks in advance!