#FixOwerriRoads #CleanDouglasRoad: The call to clean Douglas road and fix Owerri roads should be taken seriously


On 2nd September, 2018, an On Air Personality (OAP) with Darling 107.3 Owerri Chidera Rosecamille Aneke, popularly known as The Certified Cammile while commenting on a post by Social Media Influencer Jude Bonnison, about a certain Social Media Awards hosted in Owerri, drew attention to the nature of Douglas Road where Ekeukwu Owerre was formerly situated and the need for millenials to use social media to drive change.

Darling FM’s certified Camille (Chidera Rosecamille Aneke)

That change she talked about is gradually yielding results. Some social media savvy Imolites are already tweeting about the terrible state of Imo state roads with the hashtags #FixOwerriRoads and #CleanDouglasRoads. And just maybe, the authorities in charge have noticed. There seems to have been some work going on around Douglas road.

The call to clean Douglas road and fix Owerri roads should be taken seriously. It is not some form of dividend of democracy and it is not something that whoever does it should brag about with. It is simply something that needs to be done.

Current state of Douglas road

Cleaning Douglas road and fixing Imo state roads should be considered a necessity. And the fact that it’s left unattended to should be a shame to the state government. A responsible government not only puts things like good roads, constant power, clean water etc in place but seeks to make life easy for it’s citizens. It is sad already that we’re talking about this, but what’s more heartwrenching is the fact that the government thinks it’s doing the citizens a favour by carrying out it’s work.

Some govt. oficials were seen cleaning the road

Again, statistics and TV footages of an administrations’ successes in infrastructural development and provision of social amenities are not dividends of democracy. They are simply things that a responsible government should do. It is the whole work of a government. Dividends of democracy comes into play when the people have the power. When what the people wants becomes important and seriously considered by the government. Not the other way round.

Fixing Douglas road and all the other roads in Imo state is something the Imo state government is required to do, just like the work a staff of a company is required to do. If the government is failing in this, then it should by all means be sacked. But if it’s not, then the call to clean Douglas road and fix Owerri roads should be taken seriously.