Five Star: Barcelona goes past Chapecoense easily with a sky crashing 5 – 0 Victory.


Hosts had a better performance and was rewarded for thier efforts with a thrilling five goal encounter at Nou camp.

Barcelona entertained the Brazilian club who lost more than half of thier team to Plane crash yesterday in a friendly win without Neymar and the Brazilian was hardly missed as Barcelona were dominant throughout the duration of the game.

Alan Ruschel, who is one of only three players to survive the crash was the captain on the night after just returning to action since the crash and also had Neto and Jakson Follmann, who were also part of the survivors of the plane crash and had playing time on the night.

The team was on its way to face Atletico Nacional in the final of the Copa Sudamericana when the aircraft crashed into the Colombian mountains on November 28 last year, killing 71 people in the process.

Barcelona got past them and goals from Deulofeu, Busquets, Messi, Luis & Dennis Suarez were enough to give Barcelona the Victory.