Five foods to avoid during Valentine.


Five foods to avoid during Valentine.

Today, being the fourteenth day in the month of February, marks the annual ritual set aside for lovers to spend quality time together.

During these period, Lovers/Couples are always jeered to go out, have fun, buy a lot and do stuffs, yes stuffs.

But these are few foods to stay away from today :

(1) Garlic
Is the worst food you can have on a day like this cause your mouth needs to smell fresh.

‘Garlic breath’ is
probably the last thing you want to be gifting your
Valentine, so avoid eating it just for today.

Skip your mandatory cup of coffee on Valentine’s Day
and go for a cup of green tea instead. Coffee has a
strong smell that tends to sit in the mouth for a long

(3)Salty foods
Foods with excessive salt in them, like potato chips
and crisps, as well as all fried snacks may cause
bloating. Avoid all kinds of fried and salty foods, and
opt for nuts and dark
chocolate instead.

(4)Cheesy foods
The two main culprits here
are the salt and the fatty cheese. While salt causes
water retention making you feel heavy, cheese is hard
to digest and hence, can cause bloating.

(5) Sodas
Fizzy drinks and sodas should be avoided generally too, because they contain excessive amounts of sugar. Opt for natural fruit juices instead.