How Far Can You Walk Alone


    There is a didactic saying ” if you want to travel fast go alone. If you want to travel far go together.” This prompted a thought in me, of which i would be indebted to ask; how far can you really go alone? I have run into diverse persons whose mentality is built on loneness, they have this preconceived notion of ‘I can do it alone.’ That’s very interesting because a handful of them that survived that notion came around looking for an emotional pillow that could solace their frustration while the remain of them soaked in the waters of their pride into oblivion.
    I know the love you have for yourself how fast you want to travel, how well you trust your instinct and how independent you’ve grown to become, that’s indeed a perfect blend. But ask your self again, to what end? And call yourself on it, less it done’s you in- deep into an appetency of self-delusion.
    Life is more than going fast, it’s more of stability, finishing strong; very strong at that.
    Do you know why sports is a team game? Because, loneness doesn’t square up in reality, you always need someone who could be family, friends, colleagues, strangers… and that moment when your chips are down you get re-fuelled by them, your idea get criticized and sharpened better, your motor set rotating in the right revolution. Laughter is also put back to that beauty of yours. Sincerely, alone you can do all this; the question should rather be how long? Life should be enjoyed and not endured. The reason God put family, friends around you is not for a better purpose than this; finishing very strong and until you learn to accept people into your life, learn to receive help and give appreciation, learn to live a community life, you will end up living like a pariah who isolated himself from the universal set. I can’t miss my bet on it, it’s definitely going to be tardy and stagnating.