Fans mock LeBron James after hand injury claim


Fans have come out to say LeBron James claim to be injured is false and questions why he came out to say it now after cavs loss to Golden State.

Steph Curry have been influential this season for the cavs same with King James but could not muster a win against the Warriors.

Some of them said “LeBron James was never really expected to beat this year’s Warriors, was he? Especially with the supporting cast he somehow dragged all the way to the Finals this year, as soon as the matchup was locked in, many were rightfully so predicting a sweep.


Well, that’s exactly what transpired, as the Golden State Warriors clinched their third title in four years and second straight on Friday night. Obviously, if LeBron somehow led the Cavs to a win, defeating the Warriors, it would’ve done wonders for his legacy. But he didn’t, as everyone was expecting. So why on Earth would LeBron need an excuse for losing like many are suggesting?

Following the Game 4 loss, it was revealed that James was actually dealing with a right-hand bone contusion due to punching a whiteboard after Game 1 because of J.R. Smith’s monumental mistake at the end of regulation. LeBron hid the injury all series long but rocked up to the post-game presser wearing a cast on his hand after Game 4, explaining the injury.

Many fans particularly LeBron haters dismissed the injury, just taking it as another excuse for a Finals loss. Fans even went as far to reference LeBron’s handshake with his son Bronny after Game 4, pointing to the fact James didn’t look like he was in pain