Failure and Success in Perspective


    Human are regularly flooded with two phenomenon, they shape their perspective on the interaction with both. Failure and success is that phenomenon which transcends into giving life a dynamic phase.
    Failure is often over exaggerated, success itself often blindfolds people from greater achievement, therefore, both have to be placed in the right perspective.
    One may tend to ask the question, what exactly is failure? Their is no straight answer to that, failure is not an exact science that have one principle and definition. But if I may allude, failure is simply falling short of a desired goal, not achieving an intended desire or craving. Failure often occurs when their is to laps in knowledge or due to natural and unforeseen obstacles, poor planning, inadequate advice and so on.
    But failure is never supposed to keep you dejected nor despondent, it actually doesn’t mean you’re forever defeated, rather it infuses into your subconscious the need for greater awakening, the need to place priority right and grow stronger than you are.
    It’s not the end of the world, nor a limitation to your skill and capacity, if placed in the right sense and perspective, failure indicates an error in certain principle employed, pointing you back to the drawing board for amends.
    So why then do you feel dejected and frustrated over failure, why then do you giving in to those voices that sings the song of defeat, why give in to the feeling of lost and defeat, it’s definitely quite understandable that you feel bad owing to the enormous input and resources lost. But that does not justifying your quitting, neither do your giving up amount to anything.
    There are lessons to be learnt from failure. This lessons weigh far more than the lost, yes, though bitter but very resourceful. Failure gives you a broader horizon to engage any venture, provides a sense of care and the required boldness to achieve any feat.
    let’s talk about success? Success like failure is no exact science, it is attained when a goal meets the expectation of its host. It often lead to joy and happiness. Everyone in one way or another craves for complete success in all they do, and this often do not happen all the time. It’s quite rare to succeed without the scar of failure.
    You can read about it, learn about it, be helped to achieving it but only you can decide to have it and make do of it. Success is not as important as what you do after success.
    The platonic and ephemeral nature of success blindfolds a host of persons from going farther than they’ve come, from moving steps ahead. They tend to forget that there is more feat to reach, more height to attain and more goal to score.
    So the temptation to relax and savour success becomes it self the bedrock for future failures.
    Our point today is this; both success and failures are tools to either step us higher or keep us bound. Our approach and perspective to them determines what tool it becomes to us. Shake off the stigma, reproach and shame of failure and take that giant leap towards success, and never relax there, there is always a higher ground to break.