facts about leadership every leader must know






So what makes a good leader? Is it compassion, vision, courage, connection, accountability, responsibility , self-awareness, learning, encouragement.
Leadership is not just a title but how you can make the people led follow along well.


Here are some facts about leadership leader must know:

1. A great leader is an ordinary person with extraordinary wisdom.
~Malwaian ~




2. The house of a leader who negotiates survives.
~South African ~




3. Cheekiness does not make a good leader.
~Ugandan ~




4. A leader who does not take advice is not a leader
~Kenyan ~



5. Leadership is best taught by a leader
~ Ugandan ~



6. Leadership comes from God
~Kenyan ~



7. A leader does not wish for war
~Kenyan ~




8. Those exercising good habits and truth are leaders.
~Kenyan ~




9. One does not like to be under a strict leader.
~Ugandan ~




10. When a leader changes mood, followers change the place of their abode
~ Ugandan ~




11. Even the fiercest leader in the world is overcome by sleep.
~Malawian ~



12. A joyful leader is not ignored
~ Ugandan ~



13. A powerful leader adorns his followers
~West African ~



14. A leader goes to war when he is insulted.
~Ghanaian ~



15. Knowledge of leadership is not plucked from the air; one is born with it.
~Guinean ~




16. Much talking does not make you a leader
~Ugandan ~




17. The leader who leads by pointing the way leaves no footprints for his followers
~African ~




18. When a wealthy leader runs out of words, it is money that does the talking
~ Malawian ~



19. If you are a leader, be like the moon, not like the sun.
~Congolese ~



20. A clear thinking leader is a sign of stability and an agent for change in society.
~Sierra Leone ~



21. Leadership does not depend on age.
~Namibian ~



22. The leader’s head is never completely empty of a potent idea
~African ~



23. A wrong step by a leader is a warning to the followers.
~African ~



24. A leader does not listen to rumours
~Ghanaian ~



25. Do not be a leader and use it to your own advantage
~ Ugandan ~