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Monday, February 18, 2019

    Facebook to start making money off its video audience


    Videos on the social network will soon start having mid-roll ads, which will allow publishers to finally start making money from their videos.

    According to a Recode report, unlike YouTube ads where ads run before the video starts and are skippable after 5 seconds, Facebook is going to take a different approach.

    Ads placed within Facebook videos can be inserted 20 seconds into any video that lasts a minimum of 90 seconds. This ad system is the same which Facebook has tested with live videos.

    We’ve found that this model is working well, and we plan to expand this test to make it available to more partners,” a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable in an email.

    During the initial testing with live videos, Facebook was not sharing any revenue with publishers but will do so now with 45% coming to it and 55% going to the publishers – the same sharing formula YouTube uses.


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