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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Facebook set to begin showing live matches of English Premier League on...

Facebook set to begin showing live matches of English Premier League on social media in 2018


According to Facebook’s Head of Sport, Mr Dan Reed the social firm is eyeing the worldwide broadcast rights of the world’s most popular league.

“The Premier League is a very important partner of ours and we work with them very closely. But it would be premature to speculate how we might approach that opportunity — it’s still very early days and there is no template for this.”


Asked if this meant he was not ruling out a bid, Reed said: “That speaks for itself.”

The auctioning of international and domestic broadcasting rights of EPL for the next three years would hold next year. At present, the rights are with theSuperSports, a station owned byMultiChoice Africa, and African football fans pay a huge amount to access the channel.

Amazon is also reported to be considering joining the process. Thus challenging the dominate sports stations likes BT and Sky Sports for the premiership rights.

Facebook has talked about its vision for the TV business. In the first of 2017, the company has broadcasted over 3,500 different sports events live. These were made possible through its partnership withFox Sports and Mexican league football.

Facebook also stated that about 650 million of its users are sports fans and would ensure their needs are provided for.

If the deal goes through, Facebook would be the world’s largest free-to-air platform. More so, it would increase the company’s reach and revenue from broadcast partnerships and marketing deals.

The California-based firm already has broadcast deals with Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the World Surf League. It also recently made an unsuccessful £450m bid to broadcast cricket’s Indian Premier League.