F2 took advantage of the mid-tempo beat to give fans an overdose of everything good


On Wednesday July 25th, Imo born artiste F2 dropped another single a year after dropping hit track “Shima”, and he titled this one “overdose”. Weeks before the release, F2 built anticipation on social media, teasing every chance he got and promising to give fans an overdose of the song.

He delivered as promised!

“Overdose” is a nicely arranged tune layered on mid-tempo beats with little percussions here and there. It is that song you’d listen to and wish it never ends. It is soft, mild and soothing. It tells the story of love and progress and of the overdose of everything good.

F2 capitalised on the reach and success of the mid-tempo beat in Nigeria. This type of beat hit mainstream Nigeria like a wave in the 2015/2016 music year and has stayed ever since. It has a natural appeal to listeners due to it’s soft and soothing nature. That feeling of calmness you get while listening to a great song, that aura of peace that envelopes you with promises of everything good, that good feeling of accomplishemt, that is what gives this beat a little edge over some of the other sounds in Africa. It is naturally embedded in it and F2 took advantage of this and is about to score another hit with the song “Overdose”.

Once a producer is able to put a good mid-tempo beat together, what’s left is a nicely arranged tune or melody to score a hit.

F2 is doing this and is going to score more hits if he continues in that trajectory. He’s carving a niche for himself and making himself stand out among many who are aspiring to be celebrated in this space.