Episode 12 of Professor Johnbull’s 3rd Season is Here | Watch “Life Jacket”


In the new episode of Professor Johnbulltitled Life Jacket, the scenes in this episode will draw the emotions of viewers as they behold the inhuman treatment house maids and other domestic servants are subjected to.

Most domestic hands have turned to the life jackets of the various homes where they work; doing virtually everything and at the same time not being treated well by their various masters. The implication of this is that often times, most of the gory news we read about the seeming wickedness of these domestic hands are self-inflicted pains and injuries by those who should have treated the domestic hands as normal human beings that they are. Life Jacket therefore, is a way of drawing attention to the plights of these endangered members of the community.

Among other issues that the new episode tries to address is the issue of whether the ostensibly wicked act of domestic servants are retaliatory or not; the idea of starving a domestic hand as punishment for an infraction and lack of respect for the human dignity and emotions of domestic hands. How will an over-laboured and maltreated domestic servant react to the situation?

The episode features the regulars of the sitcom such as the cerebral Professor Johnbull, Ufoma, Abadnego, Etuk, Olaniyi, Elizabeth, Samson, Mai Doya, Caro, Churchilland Flash. The episode also stars the legend,Chief Chika Okpala, aka Chief Zebrudayah Okoroigwe Nwogbo, alias 4:30, who makes a cameo appearance.

Watch below.