Entrepreneur, should you charge family and friends for services rendered?


The most difficult thing entrepreneurs(beginners) face in this part of the world is trying to monetize the solution they provide to their friends and relatives etc.
A lot of solution providers face such situation daily and this is not good for growth.

In this part of the world, people believe that because they are related to you in one way or the other it automatically becomes your obligation to render free services to them…beware of such situations because you can never make it as an entrepreneur rendering free services all through…

Any friend that can’t pay you for the services you provide is not your friend in progress. Such person doesn’t mean good to you and you should device a special method of handling such person.
Don’t get me wrong, you can decide to give discounts or render free service sometimes if you deem it fit but one thing you should not try using your business to water the path of a relationship.

Are you afraid you might loose friends and your loved ones will turn their back on you for charging them for serving them? Of course some will pick quarrel with you and many will feel offended…don’t panic, there is definitely a way to play safe.

Have you heard issues dealing with your friends or relatives regards paying you for service you provide to them? Please share your experience with us on how you handle such issues… Let’s all benefit from each other.

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