Ekechi to Okorocha: Oshiomole will not save you


The spokesperson of Imo APC, Theodore Ekechi has in an interview with Vanguard said that Governor Rochas Okorocha should be weary of his actions because the incoming National Chairman of the party Adams Oshiomole will not automatically swing things and upturn the LG and State congresses in his favor.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

“And Oshiomhole is not coming with the NWC, appointed by himself; he is going to come as a person he cannot do anything outside the National Working Committee, meeting and taking decisions.


“What I’m asking is that is your group afraid? There are procedures for taking decisions that have been taken as enshrined in the constitution of APC. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about.

“Since he thinks he is the holder of Oshiomole, he is the father of Oshiomole, the sponsor of Oshiomole, why is he bothered gallivanting from one state to another.

” And anybody who is contemplating to do that does not mean good for the party. What is your feeling on Oshiomole’s possible emergence as the national chairman of the party?

“Assuming Oshiomole becomes, he is coming to build. He is coming to consolidate. And I think Oshiomole having been governor of Edo State for eight years, Oshiomole understands what it means to respect people’s rights, people’s opinion, and I think it is not in his own interest to dabble into people’s affairs in Imo State.”