E-sure wades in to broker peace into the Uc Flamez, Leo Saint and Pondis Entertainment fracas


Radio producer and founder of E-celeb Awards, E-sure Stanley Akalonu has decided to broker peace between Uc Flamez, Leo Saint and Pondis Entertainment.

It can be recalled that Uc Flamez announced his exit from Pondis Entertainment yesterday 27th December, 2018, and a few hours later, his former mate Leo Saint also exited from the management company.

Jude Bonnison, CEO of Pondis Entertainment

However, E-sure has waded into the fracas and as expected is preaching peace and reconciliation.


He wrote on his facebook page:

“MESSAGE OF PEACE: this is for my three brothers Leo Saint Uc Flamez Awanti Awanti and my convenant broda Jude Bonnison Pondis .i love the three of you as my own broda from another mother.no matter what has gone wrong, I still want you guys to see yourself as brothers.some things went wrong but at the end of the day, we go still seat and talk about all that went wrong,hug each other and eat in one plate of peace.d introduction of the “pondis entertainment” was for good but sometimes what we plan as human beings don’t always come our way. Am coming in as a peace maker Coz without you guys coming together, IMO state entertainment will continue to have that beef which might continue to affect the growth of the industry.dere is already cartel in the industry but with time there will be true love among ourselves.i represent an entertainment industry filled with peace,joy and happiness supporting one another no matter the issues on ground or what you have heard about anybody in the game. 2018 is already ending so it’s good we end on a high note with peace as the main tool coz 2019 is a year filled with lots of opening doors coming in our different field of careers so let’s not shut the door coz of anger or beef..i love you my three brothers…”

We truly hope they find a way to settle their differences and move on.