E-Celeb Awards’ consistency and the way Imolites turn up for it shows entertainment has come to stay


Yesterday, E-celeb Awards held the 5th edition of it’s music awards show celebrating talent and hardwork in the entertainment industry in Southeast Nigeria.

What’s interesting about this, is not that the award show held, but that it has consistently held with massive support in a land that doesn’t really come off as an entertainment hub in Nigeria.

Imo State is not exactly known for entertainment. It has not been able to produce big stars in the Nigeria music industry. Some big names in the music, movie and fashion industries in Nigeria who hail from Imo didn’t exactly start heir journey to stardom from Imo. Apart from Kelly Handsome and a few other names, Imo has not exported big names to Nigeria’s enteratainment hub, Lagos.


So why have E-Celeb Awards and many other entertainment shows been getting massive support in terms of attendance, ticket sales, and maybe some sort of sponsorship? The answer is not farfetched. Imolites love to relax, cool off, and engage. They love to have fun and enjoy and ‘flex’ as it is genereally called in Nigeria.

That sort of attitude is what drives entertainment. They’ve heard and experienced so many stories about how the entertainment industry in Lagos started and grew, and they want the same for their city.

That is definitely why shows like E-celeb ASwards, Jollof Jokes, Inhale Lafin Gas to mention a few have been consistently held in the state. If few people turned out and bought tickeets for these shows in their first years, they would probably would not have been able to come back the following year, and most of these shows are in their third, fourth, and fifth editions. It is the fire and support from Imolites that have kept them going.

This definitely shows that entertainment has come to stay in the state. It shows that Imo has the capacity to grow their industry and one day hope to be like or even bettre than Lagos. That was the idea of a show #ImoTheNewLagos, that was held a few days ago in the state and it is gradually gaining momentum.

So even though there are no big names in the Nigeria music industry from Imo at the moment, there are now a lot of young talented artistes who started out here and are now in Lagos waiting to change that narrative.

Support and patronage made this possible. Today E-Celeb Awards is in it’s 5th edition, and the way Imolites turn up for it every year only assures it of more and more support to keep being consistent. This also means that entertainment has come to stay in the state.