Drake channeled his true nature of both rap and RnB without giving preference to one in new two-part album “Scorpion”


On 29th June 2018, Drake released a two-part album titled “Scorpion”. The A side of the album containes 12 tracks and the B side has 13 songs.

Contrary to previously circulated rumors that the A side will be completely rap songs while the B side will lean towards RnB, the A and B parts of the album are a fusion of both rap and RnB songs. The A part however contains more rap songs than RnB and vice versa.

The album features just three artists – Jay Z in A side’s “Talk Up’, Static Major and Ty Dollar Sign, and Michael Jackson who got a posthumous feature in B side’s “After Dark” and “Don’t Matter To Me” respectively.

Drake’s Scorpion Tracklist 
1. “Survival”
2. “Nonstop”
3. “Elevate”
4. “Emotionless”
5. “I’m Upset”
6. “God’s Plan”
7. “8 Out of 10”
8. “Mob Ties”
9. “Can’t Take a Joke”
10. “Sandra’s Rose”
11. “Talk Up” featuring Jay-Z
12. “Is There More”

1. “Peak”
2. “Summer Games”
3. “Jaded”
4. “Nice for What”
5. “Finesse”
6. “Ratchet Happy Birthday”
7. “That’s How You Feel”
8. “Blue Tint”
9. “In My Feelings”
10. “Don’t Matter to Me” featuring Michael Jackson
11. “After Dark” featuring Static Major and Ty Dolla $ign
12. “Final Fantasy”
13. “March 14”

As always, Drake showed a great amount of originality in carrying along his normal style of mid-tempo beats which characterised all the RnB songs while also trying out some form of trap music in songs like “Mob Ties’ and “Blue Tint”.

Previously released singles “God’s Plan”, “Nice For What” and “I’m Upset” together with “8 Out Of 10”, “Don’t Matter To Me”, “Survival” and “Sandra” stands out.

One thing is consistent in this album and it is the fact that Drake gave as much time and effort to the rap songs as well as the RnB songs. One would have expected him to focus on rap songs seeing that he’s a rap artist, but over the years and throughout the better part of his music career, Drake has shown that he is an RnB artist as much as he is a rap artist.

In all Drake channeled his true nature of both rap and RnB without giving preference to one.