Does a man’s posture and style of dress make him gay?


News around town is that if you dress in some kind of way or pose in a somewhat unusual way that isn’t ‘peculiar’ to your gender, then you must be gay. Also if you’re a man and you’re always bare chested or have some piercings on your nipple, then you definitely are gay.

These are not just mere stories flying around, but deep-seated beliefs people have somehow come to agree with. These beliefs have been around for sometime now and are getting more popular by the day. Those who act in this way (ways that suggest they may be gay), whether knowingly or not, have come to experience stigma from the society.

For example, popular actor Gbenro Ajibade experienced some backlash from the internet a few days ago after he ignorantly posted and emoji that the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community considers to be a sign for anyone who belonged to their community.


Did you know the LGBT community had an emoji sign? I didn’t know too until after Gbenro’s experience. Obviously Gbenro didn’t know too. So by posting that emoji, he became gay. Just like that. That’s quite funny.

A lot of people actually believe this. You post a picture on social media, and it somehow looks different from your sexual orientation, then boom, your gay.

Gbenro Ajibade

In his case, Gbenro Ajibade said he started getting adulterated messages from people, and he felt the need to enlighten the public.

“Shoutout to @queenviee @jaymoneyentt @nevadabridgepro @mofedamijo for the knowledge. So I would naturally not say but I feel at the end of the day we as human beings learn on a daily basis and with the platform I have, would be nice to impact same knowledge to my lovely followers that don’t know so they won’t make same mistake. DONT GET IT TWISTED M NOT TRYING TO PROVE A POINT TO NOBODY COS I DONT GIVE A F**K!!! For those who don’t know (even tho in my context I was obviously referring to the actual weather)this is for you: “The    emoji is ALSO a symbol for the ‘LBGT’ movement (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)Fortunately or unfortunately for y’all I AM NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!…check my records  Am only explaining for those that didn’t know till today like me. So please stop having my dm’s adulterated(you know yourselves!  And bout my piercings…hey there are just 4years old and am only on the 7th one    ,” he wrote.


Fast rising Imo artiste, Leo Saint, also experienced the same reaction from the internet after he posted a bare-chested photo of himself to promote his new single. And after that experience he wrote:

“This hustlers came for me too?
A lesbian like me is now gay?
Is That Not Funny? Like Seriously?
Is That How This Celebrity Stuff Works?
Person Wey Never Blow Finish? Bikonu, Abeg let music take control, and as we #DANCE this Friday, May your life be filled with Joy and true happiness.”


Leo Saint

How sad!

What do you think though? Does a man’s posture and style of dress make him gay?

A New York Times report on this subject say:

“men and boys do have more latitude these days to dress and act in less conventionally masculine ways. Among straight men, long hair and (certain) necklaces and (certain) pairs of earrings are almost normative, at least in some communities. Plenty of men wax their eyebrows, get manicures and wear pink. In some parts of the country, these shifts have provided an opening for boys who buck some gender norms.”

We agree. It is totally normal for a man to take pictures bare-chested, or wear a pink shirt, or even post a rainbow emoji on social media. None of these actions make men who do them gay. A gay person is gay by choice, not by the color of his shirt, style of dress, or by what emoji he posts on social media.

So until a man openly confesses to be gay, may the internet leave him to have peace of mind.