De Ligt Reveals next move


Matthijs de Ligt has come out to reveal his next move after an impressive campaign for the Dutch side this season

There have being offer between Barcelona and Manchester United for his services but the defender would be patient and allow his agent get the best offers

The 19 year old defensive abilities and assured manner on the ball have made him one of the world’s most valuable youngsters, attracting interest from two elite clubs.

“Where do I see myself? Well obviously the Premier League is a big competition, Spain also, but you have other competitions, it’s not just about those two,” he explained in Sunday’s press conference.

“I still don’t know anything about where my future is, so I’ll see how it goes. First we have to play two games and after that I will see what happens next.

“Of course there is some interest from clubs, but I don’t want to say some names who are interested, but what I will say is I am now focused on the national team and after the national team I will see what the future brings.”