Davido used flavours from “Mad over you”, “Penalty” and the “Pon pon” sound to score a hit in “FIA’


Inspiration is very essential to create and continue creating. Sometimes it comes to those who seek it, other times to those whon dont. Sometimes too it comes from what other people have done. In the music business, inspiration is a most sought after commodity and fittinly so. This is because music is always here with us. Therefore to continue to make more and more new music, the creators have to have inspiration.

Lastweek Pop star Davido dropped a potential hit song “FIA”. To be able to drop such a fantastic hit, he must have had a wave of inpiration. And Yes he did from already created works in the Nigerian music space.

Artwork for “FIA”

Listening to “FIA” you could feel flavours from last year’s hit song “Mad over you” by Runtown and a 2017 hit “Penalty” by newcomer Small Doctor.

“Dab, make I dab (haba!), Give me love, make I love (I do!), Place no other one above (haba!)” Davido goes on the background as the song begins. The same pattern Runtown followed in “Mad over you” both creating a feel good mood for their listeners.

As the song progresses Davido dives into another inspiration, this time one created by Small Doctor in “Penalty”. “But you say, if you no get money, hide your face
(I hide my face)” he sings on the “Pon Pon” sound-made hit.


This is very common in the music industry. Inspiration is always responsible for hits. Nigerian pop god Asa has once said that she literally seeks inspiration to be able to create hit songs. And the songs she made with inspiration coming on its own to her are only a few.



In this case, Davido did the the former.He literally sought for inspiration while making “FIA” and in the end its worth the try. There’s a new hit by Davido. He rode on successes on previous hits “IF” and “Fall” created using the “Pon Pon” sound to achieve this feat, a sound characterized by mid tempo sounds mixed with influences from Ghana highlife music.

Davido used flavours from these two songs to score a hit in “FIA” and that has become a trend in the industry.

Generally, “FIA” is a feel good song that will remain on our lips for another six months or thereabouts before another hit from the pop king unsits it.