Daddy Freeze hits Adeboye’s son Leke on tithe campaign


    Controversial media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, the one popularly known as Daddy Freeze, will not let any opportunity pass him by as he has now turned his attention to Leke Adeboye, the son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the GO of the Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG].

    Leke Adeboye who is also a Pastor in the RCCG and his father’s Personal Assistant, had made the mistake of taking a dig at the #FreeTheSheepleMovement leader in a tweet on Monday, December 11, 2017, thanking him for inadvertently contributing to the church’s growth which had grown to an impressive 33%, with his anti-tithing crusade.

    Leke also pointed out that it was Daddy Freeze’s constant attack and barraging on tithes that were responsible for the increase and told the OAP that the whole church is grateful for his effort, an insinuation that the more he criticizes the church, the more people will flock there and bring out their money in defiance.


    This is what Leke wrote:

    “There has been 33% increase in the number of people viewing RCCG events, increase in the number of people paying their correct tithe.

    Increase in the number of persons visiting the personal website of EAADEBOYE.COM and sending him emails and the number of persons watching all messages from start to finish on any Pentecostal live events have increased.

    So I personally want to say thank you @Daddyfreeze.”



    But being who he is, Daddy Freeze gave Leke a piece of his mind via a video and his Twitter account where he congratulated Pastor Adeboye’s youngest son on the ‘expansion of his family business’, believing he will inherit a ‘blue chip company’ in the future.

    Also using his Instagram and Twitter pages, Daddy Freeze acknowledged Leke’s statement, writing:

    “My response to @lekeadeboye, Pastor E.A Adeboye’s son, who stated in a message to me that attendance in #RCCG, viewership of redeemed events and ‘correct’ tithing has increased since my campaign started, and went on to thank me for it!”


    He also took to YouTube and made a video where he congratulated Leke on the expansion of the family business but, however, asked him to provide bank accounts to prove that there has been an increase in tithing.

    According to Daddy Freeze, the attitude of pastors on the pulpit trying to protect tithe collection does not support the statement that there has been an increase in the collection while also using threats of death on people who do not tithe.

    Read the message Daddy Freeze sent to Leke Adeboye:

    “Hi, Leke Adeboye, the convener of the FreeTheSheeple Movement and leader of the FreedTheNation in Christ, greets you and bring glad tidings.

    How is your daddy? Greet him for me. Tell him I extend my utmost regards and considerations.

    I’ll also like to congratulate you on the expansion of your family business. Congratulations, Leke. It shows you are going to inherit a blue-chip company.

    However, I am a man of figures. Instead of just saying that there has been a 33% increase in tithing, can you please show us some bank account details, four months ago and three months ago?

    Because what you are just saying do not coincide with the attitude of pastors on the pulpit, the way they are so desperately trying to protect their tithings, saying people will die if they don’t tithe, trying to use astronomy to justify tithing?

    Take care, my brother.”

    Watch the video message Daddy Freeze sent to Pastor Leke Adeboye here:

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